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new work in progress The Waiting Room Straight From A Pick-up Man's Heart Walkin' The Waters
Notes To Herself Her Guard Up The Consultant Roadrunner

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About Michael

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"As my mind sifts through ideas, images, and emotions for communicating through my work, I quickly realize my heart has become most settled with the freedoms, ideals, and visual imagery that began as a childhood fascination with the iconic old west cowboy and lifestyle surrounding him. He seems to represent the purest of traditional values and lack of modern distractions that cloud our purest intentions in such a modern society. Whether one comes from east, west, north, or south of anywhere, it seems nothing is left completely untouched by this great memorable time of history. This influence on my work has allowed me to communicate as simply as I am able through images that move me and hopefully stir some of the same emotions in the viewer's own heart. 

   Layered texture and an aged surface quality of classically glazed pigment have allowed me to invite the viewer and bring a fascination factor to my painting methods. The earthy palette choices keep the expression calmer and more natural to respond to.”



Michael received his BFA in graphic design from Middle Tennessee State University after completing a prior BS degree in education from Cumberland College in Kentucky. He also studied classical painting/drawing at Harris School of Art in Franklin, Tennessee. While completing his BFA he interviewed with Bill Barnes, former CBS records creative director in Nashville and was hired as a staff artist, working on music industry and corporate accounts. He has received numerous awards and continues to move forward toward future opportunities. Michael continues to paint and develop his passion through his commitment in the studio, his contributions to the art community, and various commissions.    




12th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Festival And Symposium, Booth Western Art Museum 2014

"A Child's West And Other Tails" Solo Exhibition, Thomas Gallery Of Quinlan Visual Arts Center 2014

Booth Artist Guild 2014 Members Exhibition, Borderlands Gallery Booth Western Art Museum

Honorable Mention, The Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts 2014

Honorable Mention, Georgia Art League "Small and Miniatures Exhibition" 2014

Honorable Mention, Georgia Art League "Western or Animals Exhibition" 2014

11th Annual Southeastern Cowboy Festival And Symposium, Booth Western Art Museum 2013

Quinlan Visual Arts Center 66th Annual Members Exhibition 2013

Art In The Square, Gainesville, GA 2013

Award of Merit, Georgia Art League 'Go Figure' Exhibition 2013

Booth Artist Guild still life exhibit July 2013 

Award Of Excellence, The Georgia Art League, Late Spring Exhibition, 2013

"The Car Show" special exhibit at Quinlan Visual Arts Center Spring 2013

The Cumming FUMC Festival of Arts 2013

35th GALA Auction, Quinlan Visual Arts Center, 2013

Painting Award Of Excellence, The Georgia Art League, Early Spring Exhibition, 2013

Quinlan Visual Arts Center 65th Annual Members Exhibition 2012

Honorable Mention, 2012 Art In The Square, Gainesville, GA

The Georgia Art League, Late Summer Exhibition, 2012

Honorable Mention, The Georgia Art League, Late Spring Exhibition, 2012

34th GALA Auction, Quinlan Visual Arts Center, 2012




Exhibitions Chairman for the Georgia Art League 2014

Quinlan Visual Arts Center, Gainesville, GA, member

The Georgia Art League, Gainesville, GA, member

Booth Artist's Guild, Cartersville, GA, member

Booth Western Art Museum, Cartersville, GA, member



Lakota Cove, Jasper, GA


michael melson - Biography
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